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Product description:

The product is manufactured mainly from fresh strawberries, not acidified or sweetened, obtained from strawberry juice (without any addition of preservatives) by removing a certain amount of water and flavour.

Intended use:

Semi-finished product for juices and beverages, as a flavour additive for milk beverages and desserts, in confectionery and wine industry, or other beverages. For customers more than 3 years old.

Product characteristics:

The taste is typical for strawberries, slightly changed by the thermal processing with no aftertastes. The scent is typical for strawberries juice. No contamination, either organic or inorganic, are allowed in the product. Deep red colour in various hues, resulting from the thermal processing.

Storage conditions:

70000 litre tanks made of acid-resistance steel.

Storage temperature < 10 C.

Humidity about 75%.

Stability period:

12 months.


loose, in cistern





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